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Create plugins that read and extract data from documents, and emails in a few clicks and use them in the tools like Asana, Zapier, or Power Automate.


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“We use Bitskout in our daily workflow and rely on extracted values and automations. It is easy to use, powerful and saves us a lot of time. We have got better things to do ;)"

Stian Osmundsen, Managing Director

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Start in seconds with templates

Use 40+ Bitskout templates - browse for ready-made plugins by selecting your team area or using a simple search. Extract data from Purchase Orders, Invoices, CVs, and Bills of Lading.

Power Up Your Current Tools

Bitskout plugins integrate into your tools - You can add Bitskout Rules in Asana or Bitskout recipes in And via Zapier and Power Automate, you can use the plugin with any process you have.

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Instant Answers About Your Operations

How much did we pay for Amazon in December?", "What account we used to pay for PO 1514134?" - with Bitskout agents you can get answers about all processed information in a few clicks. Simply set appropriate permissions in your plugins and Bitskout Agent will provide you with immediate answers.

Let's get data from an email

Anthony Gude, testimonial headshot

“Finally, we could stop wasting talent on meaningless tasks.”

Anthony Gude, Managing Director, Modular Construction

You're 10 minutes Away from Getting an Extra Day Per Week 

Offload repetitive and manual data entry tasks to Bitskout plugins that work 24/7, never complain, and never get tired. 

  • First 50 plugin runs are on us

  • No coding or technicalities in using plugins

  • 40+ templates to play around

  • Integrated to tools you are using

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