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Catching Fraud With Document Comparison in


In this helpful article, we will guide you on how to use Bitskout to compare two documents and find differences between them. This functionality is particularly useful when you need to ensure that no information has been changed in a document, such as contracts or agreements. We will demonstrate how to set up a plugin in Bitskout and use for the comparison process.

TL: DR; video

Step 1: Create a plugin in BitScout

  1. Log into your Bitskout account.

2. In Bitskout, click Create Plugin.

3. Click on "Compare":

and choose "Documents" from the options.

4. Customize the appearance of the comparison, such as highlighting and color preferences.

5. Create a new plugin called "Compare Documents."

Step 2: Map the plugin to

1. On, prepare your task by adding a recipe. Bitskout uses recipes to automate processes.

2. Select the recipe designed for document comparison.

3. Configure the recipe by specifying the columns to compare and the plugin to use (Compare Documents).

4. Set the status options for the recipe to control the process.

5. Add the recipe to the board.

Step 4: Run the document comparison

1. Upload the two documents you want to compare in the appropriate columns in

2. You can simplify this process by having a default document template and a form for your partner to upload the signed document.

3. Initiate the comparison process in your board by changing the status.

4. The comparison results will be generated and added to the specified column.

5. Review the results to identify any changes or discrepancies between the two documents.

This use case was inspired by one of the users who decided to test the comparison feature (it is mainly used for transportation documents checks) on his contract and found out that a few vendors were slightly changing certain clauses.

The Bitskout comparison tool is not limited to contracts but can also be used for various purposes, such as ensuring documents for customs are prepared correctly in supply chain management. By automating the document comparison process, you can quickly detect even the smallest changes that might significantly impact the contract or agreement.

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