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How Extract Data From Emails to Board


This instruction will guide you on how to extract information from emails and populate them into your columns using Bitskout's custom data extraction functionality. This feature is useful when working with emails that you constantly receive. By following these steps, you will be able to extract specific fields from emails and map them to your board.

Video Instruction

Step 1. Setting up Bitskout

To set up the extraction from text we need to press Create Plugin. In the plugin creation screen choose the Extract option and then From Text.

You will see the screen where you can start adding the examples.

Step 2. Setting up Examples

Collect real examples of emails that contain the information you want to extract. You need only a few examples. Paste the email text into the text area:

If you'll need to extract the email information (email address, email date) then paste here the full email that you have in the update.

Step 3. Define the fields to extract

Identify the specific fields you want to extract from the email examples. Then add them with their respective values from the example.

You can add more examples however no need to add a lot of similar ones. Two or three similar examples should be enough. Once finished, press Create button.

Step 4. Set up the output

Choose as the data destination. We'll need to set up where the data should be mapped.

Then choose the workspace and use search to look for the board:

Once you find your board, click on it and press Next:

You will see the list of fields from your plugin. Now let's map them to your board columns:

Now the setup is complete. Press next to finish setting up the output.

Step 5. Test the extraction process

Use a different example email to test the extraction.

Step 6: Set up

Ensure that you have integrated your email client with Bitskout can only read emails that are integrated via apps.

Note: If you send emails directly to the board, the recipe from Bitskout won't be triggered. The reason is that there is no way to separate an email to the board from a simple update.

Next, let's add a Bitskout recipe. Go to Integrations and look Bitskout app.

Choose the recipe with an email update and configure it by choosing your newly created plugin:

Configure the rest of the fields as per your set up.

Once done, press Add to Board and your recipe will be added to the board.

Now, everything is ready to extract data from your email. Just send a few examples to your mailbox to check if everything is all right.


In this article, we tried to demonstrate how to extract data from emails to boards. Using this approach you can create a ledger of incoming information and avoid relying only on emails. Having such a ledger is quite useful as you can begin to add more automations based on extracted data.

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