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How to Create a Lead Dashboard from Business Cards in

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

TL: DR; Video

Why Business Cards

There will be around 13,000 tradeshows in the US alone this year. Roughly 35,000,000 people will attend, to network and explore new products and services.

What will be the preferred medium for the exchange of contact info? The humble business card!

If you're not the kind of person who enjoys spending all evening typing data from business cards to tools and wants to have an edge over competitors, you need to automate things.

Not only to help yourself but also to align with the team.

In this article, we will explain how to quickly set up a simple business card data extraction to

Configuring Bitskout plugin

The business cards extraction plugin is a template in Bitskout. To use it, navigate to the Templates page:

Look for Business cards and press on Use Template. Bitskout will show you the list of options to set up where you want data to appear.

As we are using, we will need to set up where we want our data to appear:

The screen with the board selection will appear.

First press "Select Workspace" and choose a workspace. In our example, we will choose All workspaces.

Once you've selected the workspace, the board search screen will appear. Type first letters of the board name:

Then click on the board name you want to write data and click Apply.

Next, drag and drop the fields from the left-hand side to the fields on the right-hand side. This way you are mapping where the business card data will appear.

Once finished mapping your fields, press Create.

Now your plugin is ready to be used on It will write data into the selected board.

Configuring recipe

To complete the process, make sure to add a recipe to the selected board to trigger the plugin.

Bitskout has lots of recipes that you can use to automate extracting data. In this particular case, we assume that the business card photo is loaded to a File column already.

When you add a recipe, you will be able to see your plugins. The complete recipe should look like this:

Thus, when the status in the task will change to "Working on it", will trigger the plugin called Business Cards from Bitskout and it will analyze the file in the File column.

That's it for simple automation. The next step would be creating more sophisticated automation that will require extra tools like or Zapier. But it will allow us to build a real-time event lead dashboard like this:

Conclusion & next steps

Right now you've created a simple automation that can already save you and your team a tonne of time. And most importantly, it will remove the annoyance that comes from typing the same thing over and over again to a tool. Humans hate such work and your team does as well.

The next step would be to improve the automation - use a separate mailbox to send leads to, detect extract things like Org Unit from a position name, categorize the lead based on your criteria, etc.

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