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How to Setup Utility Bill Automation from Google Drive to Google Sheets in 5 minutes

If you work in property management or retail, monitoring utility bills can be a daunting task. Same thing with invoices or bank statements - processing utility bills consumes a lot of time from your team.

In this article, we will show how in less than 5 minutes you can extract data from Utility Bills to your Google Sheets.

Video Instruction

Step 1: Use the Utility Bills template in Bitskout

Bitskout has a huge library with ready-made plugins that work with any format of a specific document. Using search let's locate our Utility Bills plugin.

Step 2: Create Zap with Google Drive trigger.

Let's go to Zapier and start creating a new Zap. Choose Google Drive "New File in Folder" as a trigger.

Run a test and find your utility bill test file. You will need to use it throughout the scenario for testing so make sure that you've loaded at least one example to your folder.

Step 3: Add Bitskout action "Run plugin for Files"

Add a new action from Bitskout called "Run plugin for File". Choose your account and then select the plugin from the list.

Select the plugin and then choose "File (exists but not shown)" as the File URL.

Then let's run a step and check the extracted data.

Looks good and now let's map it to Google Sheets.

Step 4: Mapping Utility Bill data to Google Sheets

Add a new action from Google Sheets module called "Create Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets".

Then map the data to the columns in your spreadsheet:

Press Continue and test this step to validate correct data extraction.

Utility Bill Automation

As you can see using Zapier and Bitskout you can set up utility bill automation in just a few minutes. This way you can drastically improve your productivity and relieve your team from mundane and meaningless activities.

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