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How To Extract Data From Invoices to board

Automating manual data entry from invoices can greatly improve productivity in your team by reducing the time and effort spent on this task. The Invoice Extraction Plugin on Bitskout allows you to streamline this process by quickly and accurately extracting data from invoices and inputting it into your desired platform. In this case, we will use as a platform.

Invoices Dashboard in

Configuring Bitskout plugin

To use the Invoice Extraction Plugin:

1. Navigate to the Templates page in Bitskout.

2. Look for the template labeled "Invoice with Line Items" and click "Use Template."

3. Bitskout will display a list of options for setting up the data you want to appear. Click on the icon and then select "Select Board/Project."

4. A screen will appear allowing you to select a workspace. In this example, we will choose "All workspaces." Once you have selected the workspace, a board search screen will appear. Type in the first few letters of the board name and click "Search."

Click on the name of the board where you want the data to appear and then click "Apply."

5. Drag and drop the fields from the left-hand side to the fields on the right-hand side to map where the invoice data will appear.

6. Once you are done with the mapping, press Create and your plugins will be ready.

Configuring recipe

To complete the process, make sure to add a recipe to the selected board to trigger the plugin.

Bitskout has lots of recipes that you can use to automate extracting data. In this particular case, we assume that the invoice file is loaded to a File column already.

When you add a recipe, you will be able to see your plugins. The complete recipe should look like this:

Thus, when the status in the task will change to "Working on it", will trigger the plugin called Invoice Analysis from Bitskout and it will analyze the file in the File column.

That's it for simple automation. The next step would be creating more sophisticated automation that will require extra tools like or Zapier. But it will allow us to build a real invoice dashboard like this:


In conclusion, automating manual data entry from invoices can greatly improve productivity in your team by reducing the time and effort spent on this task. If a company processes 100 invoices per month and spends 3 minutes extracting data from each invoice, they are wasting approximately 300 minutes, or 5 hours, per month.

By using a tool like the Invoice Extraction Plugin on Bitskout, this time can be significantly reduced, allowing your team to focus on more important tasks.

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