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Minimize Time Spent on Chasing Information

Bitskout's Sonny9 is an AI teammate who helps accounting and tax firms collect customer information and documents efficiently minimizing back-and-forth communications.

Increase Bandwith and Minimize Useless Work

Back & Forth

Help your clients collect and submit documents and provide clarifications efficiently to return to their business day-to-day.

Focus on Meaningful Work

Let Sonny9 manage mundane tasks like extraction, initial transaction analysis, categorization and follow-ups with clients.

Unlock New Opportunities

Receive notifications about new insights and consulting opportunities from the customer data.



Provide 10-Star Customer Experience

Put Sonny9 into the CC of your emails and it will automatically generate the required checklist, validate each document, and ask immediate follow-up questions based on the uploaded documents.

Minimize Back and Forth Messages

Sonny9 will automatically check all the required documents against your checklist, flag missing or erroneous files and proactively ask your clients clarifying questions in real time.


Get Prepared Data For Further Analysis

Automatically extract data from documents into CSV or directly into QuickBooks with all provided answers from your clients in one report. 

Unlock New Opportunities

Sonny9 will automatically analyze documents and answers and provide you with tips and opportunities for high-level consulting services like CFO or tax auditing based on customer information.


Get Started Today

Reduce stress and elevate your practice to the next level with the help of AI.
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