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5 Ways Legal Teams Can Save Time and Money with Bitskout

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Using a.i. beyond chatgpt can help you increase up to five times the speed of your processes without extra resources

If you work in legal, you are aware of the paperwork. You also know that you waste a lot of time on it and you want to automate it. And traditionally it has been believed that automating data extraction from legal documents is a very difficult task. Just look around - everywhere you have API-this, JSON that and you don't have any plans to start building in-house SW development teams. Not many options are left on the table for legal document automation.. And even though learning programming can be beneficial, I guess you became a lawyer not to learn programming.

According to McKinsey, only 21% of companies have adopted A.I. solutions. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) struggle to invest in costly A.I. technology, limiting their ability to compete.

How does no-code change everything?

No-code tech has arrived. And it instantly allowed non-technical people to have access via UI to state-of-the-art tools that only corporations have. Thus now you don't need an army of developers or pay exorbitant fees for consultants.

Using no-code and low-code tools, firms can create and manage documents efficiently, saving up to 20% of a lawyer's time and cutting human errors in half. This leads to increased productivity, improved risk management, and better client experiences, helping legal firms stay competitive in a constantly changing market.

And there is one piece missing in the no-code tools, especially, related to document automation.

No-code Document Automation

Once you have your tools set up, but still the problem remains - somebody has to read all those documents, forms, and contracts. And here we go again - JSON this, API that.

And that's what we've Bitskout for - a no-code document automation tool that allows you to extract data from documents and emails (and more) without any dev team. The platform requires minimal training and can be easily integrated into existing workflows. Besides offering a library of templates for legal teams, it allows you to create your own plugins for document extraction.

Use Case 1 - Legal Document Recognition

The first step where you actually waste time starts one iteration before extracting data from documents. When you receive an email with a bunch of PDFs attached, you start checking each file for what it is, right? It can take 5-10 minutes for each email, which isn't enjoyable. It would be much better if an automation system could recognize legal documents and update the necessary tool, making the whole process quicker and easier.

Well, it turns out you can do that by using a ready-made Bitskout template that can automatically recognize legal documents:

Use Case 2 - Extract data from your documents

Good! The first step is done, now we don't need to check each file anymore. Once you know the document type, the next thing to do is pull data from it automatically. Sure, you could do it by hand, but since we're trying to stay ahead of the competition and you've been reading about document automation, let's automate it instead. Let's see what templates we have - we have one for Form 2848:

And this way we already adding 5 min for document detection + 3-5 min per document extraction. We are already close to 20 minutes per package.

Use Case 3 - Setup own data extraction from emails or documents

Sure, it's worth mentioning that not every document is covered. You'll have various internal documents like delivery notes, reports, and even data from email notifications that you might want to add to your tools.

And for that, you can create your own plugins. You simply need an example and that's it:

Use Case 4 - Compare Documents

How many hours did you spend figuring out if there were any differences in statements or changes in the contracts? In the legal industry, having spot-on documentation is super important for everything to run smoothly. Document comparison in the legal industry is a must-do to avoid any errors and make sure everything's consistent.

For example, checking if the sent agreement was not modified or if some fields are not missing from the template.

Thankfully, Bitskout's got you covered with its document comparison template!

The way it works allows you to create a plugin that will take two files and produce a third file with per-page markup for differences. This way in a few minutes you can implement document comparison in your legal workflows.

Use Case 5 - Standard Operating Procedures in Legal Firm

Now the question is why you should bother about build those automations? It turns out that what you are actually creating is a standard operating procedure.

What are the standard operating procedures? Standard Operating procedures are essential to running an effective business. Not only a legal firm, but in general because they:

  • Ensure consistency and quality in service delivery by providing a clear, step-by-step process for routine tasks.

  • Increase efficiency and productivity by streamlining workflows and reducing the likelihood of errors or omissions.

  • Facilitate training and onboarding of new staff by offering a clear, documented framework for performing tasks.

  • Promote compliance with legal and ethical obligations by establishing best practices and guidelines for all team members.

  • Enhance communication and collaboration within the firm by setting expectations and providing a shared understanding of processes and procedures.

Building standard operating procedures in legal firms is important and using automations makes your life easier. Automating legal workflows helps you to ensure that there is only one way to send and receive information.

For instance, during the case evaluation and documentation collection phase, you can build a form where a legal assistant or even a client uploaded all necessary documents (e.g., contracts, evidence of damages, correspondence, etc.).

And then automations prepare the case file and organize information in the best possible way. With the help of Bitskout A.I. for legal automation you can do it without any tech team and a few minutes.


In summary, the automations are your friends. No-code tools for lawyers are easy to use and easy to cancel. A.I. is here to stay and with tools like Bitskout you don't need a tech squad to solve your automation issues in extracting data from documents. Bitskout can also work with complex documents and we can build templates just for you:

With AI-powered legal document processing, you can double the speed of your processes.

There is only one step left - start a trial and try it in a few clicks.

Shall we?

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