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Product Features

From generative UI to Accounting APIs access Bitskout AI can be integrated and execute its job in a variety of scenarios. To see how it works by yourself - feel free to reach out and chat with the founders.

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Email to Checklist

Provide a text request and Btiskout AI will automatically create a checklist, and prepare the upload portal (if required) with ready-made checks to help upload information faster.

Real Time Validation

When the client uploads the documents, Bitskout AI can validate them in real-time. This way your clients receive immediate feedback and can fix any errors by uploading any missing documents. 

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Generating Questions

After reading the documents Bitskout AI can generate a list of questions based on the client description or profile in QuickBooks to get relevant answers. If invoices or any additional documents are provided, AI can provide draft answers to the client to save time.

And also ...

Personalization per client

Provide Bitskout AI with client details or sync them from the QuickBooks profile for instant personalization. No need to create any IF-THEN rules, Sonny9 will figure out what to do and how to categorize based on simple description.

Match the Data Sources

Bitskout AI will automatically match receipts, bills, invoices, and contrato bank transactions, provide the list of open invoices from or QuickBooks providing a full picture of your client's AR/AP.

Anomaly Detection

By analyzing data Bitskout AI can uncover potential opportunities based on simple text descriptions that you provide and client details from any tool. 

Reports and Analysis

Bitskout can analyze P&L statements, and generate summaries, forecasts, walkthrough descriptions, and preliminary reports to allow you 10x your bandwidth and focus on your client's relationships.

Development APIs

All features above are available as APIs and modules in Power Automate and Zapier. Get in touch with our DevRel team:

Thanks for reaching out! We'll be in touch shortly!

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