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Supercharge your Asana with AI


Use Bitskout plugins with rules to extract data from documents, emails, and images and write it to your Asana projects. Move away completely from spreadsheets, build dashboards, and relieve your team from typing data into tasks. 

Start With 40+ templates

Invoices, Purchase Orders, CV, business cards & more - start extracting data from documents in a few minutes with the help of Bitskout Templates library. 

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Use Plugins with Rules

Use Asana rules and Bitskout actions to run plugins - create custom automations with direct actions and use pre-made recipe templates from Bitskout to you Asana projects.

10x your 
Asana value

Create an automated dashboard for invoices, leads, and bank statements - build an actual work OS with Asana and Bitskout

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“Finally, we could stop wasting talent on meaningless tasks.”

Anthony Gude, Managing Director, Modular Construction

Selected Use Cases


Every single company in the world has to deal with invoices. But how to do it less painful? 

Learn how you can use Bitskout to automatically extract data from invoices to Asana projects and turn them into a source of key information for you about your business.

You're 10 minutes Away from Getting an Extra Day Per Week

Offload repetitive and manual data entry tasks to Bitskout plugins that work 24/7, never complain, and never get tired. 

  • The first 50 plugin runs are on us, no credit card is required

  • Direct Integration with

  • 40+ templates to play around

  • Create plugins for your own documents in a few clicks

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