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Bitskout Templates

To help you start faster we've built a template library that contains ready-made plugins for standard documents like invoices, receipts, purchase orders, forms 1120, etc.

Bank Statement

Business Cards

Consigment Note

Form W-9 Data

Invoices with Line Items

Payslip Extraction

Utility Bill Data

Barcodes Extraction

CV (resume) analysis

Form 2848 Data

Goods Delivery Note

Material Safety Datasheet

Purchase Orders

Bill of Lading Data

Certificate of Origin

Form W-4 Data

IATA Dangerous Goods Declaration

Packing List

US Court Documents

Using an Invoices Template


“Finally, we could stop wasting talent on meaningless tasks.”

Anthony Gude, Managing Director, Modular Construction

Selected Use Cases

Extract Data from Emails to Excel

Receive notification? Transportation request? Work orders via email? Even though it takes a few minutes to fill in the tasks, at the end of the day it adds up to hours.

Use Bitskout and Power Automate to set up a flow and extract data automatically from incoming emails.

You're 10 minutes Away from Getting an Extra Day Per Week 

Offload repetitive and manual data entry tasks to Bitskout plugins that work 24/7, never complain, and never get tired. 

  • The first 50 plugin runs are on us, no credit card is required

  • Direct Integration with

  • 40+ templates to play around

  • Create plugins for your own documents in a few clicks

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