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How To Build a Leads Dashboard in ClickUp from Business Cards

TL: DR; video (using instead of Zapier)


What's the best way to nail every event? Be faster, better, and stronger than the competition. The only way to do that is to constantly introduce innovations to your operations. And in this article, we will show you how using several automations and 60 minutes of your time you can improve the lead generation from events using simple business cards.

Why business cards?

No matter how digital things are, exchanging business cards is the most efficient way of getting to know each other. The mere fact of receiving a business card is like receiving permission to contact a person. Thus, you need to accept the fact - business cards are not going anywhere. And that's a good thing. We will use it to our advantage.

Configuring the Zap

To extract data from a business card photo to ClickUp we would need to use Zapier or Make. For the moment, Bitskout does not have a direct integration to ClickUp and to spice things up we will Zapier this time.

We will use this Zap template to run the automation.

Setting up the Zap

For simplicity, we will use a trigger when a new photo of a business card is uploaded to the Dropbox folder.

You can set up different triggers like a new email, a new Whatsapp message, or a form submission. Once the photo arrives at some location, we can analyze it.

Setting up the plugin

From June 2023 you can use a direct action in Zapier. It is called "Extract data from Business Cards" and it'll create a plugin automatically from Zapier.

For the purpose of a more broad demonstration, let's create the plugin manually.

The business cards extraction plugin is a template in Bitskout. To use it, navigate to the Templates page:

Look for Business cards and press on Use Template. Bitskout will show you the list of options to set up where you want data to appear.

As we are using Zapier, we need to click on the Zapier app logo and press Create.

Now we can use the plugin in our Zap to extract data from the business card:

And the last step would be to choose where you want data to appear in ClickUp:

Once we run a test, we can see the lead information appearing in our tasks list:

Now all your team has to do is take a photo of a business card and load it into a folder.

You can also now build various dashboards:


As you can see - if you value your time, you can automate lots of things and bring clarity to your processes. Everyone in the team will now have access to the same dashboards, it will allow you to have a single source of truth and build new automations.

And it took you only half an hour.

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