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How to Extract Data from Invoices or Purchases Orders in 3 Clicks

Our mission in Bitskout is to make back-office tasks fully automated. One of the features that we've just released is called direct actions. This means that for common documents like Invoices, Business Cards, or Purchase Orders you can now use a direct action inside, Zapier, or Power Automate.

No need to create a plugin or use a template - Bitskout will take care of that. This makes automating data extraction available to anyone with just a few clicks.

A list of direct actions includes:

  • Extract data from the invoice

  • Extract data from the Purchase Order

  • Extract data from the CV

  • Extract Data from the Bill Of Lading

  • Extract Data from the HARO email

  • Extract Data from Business Card

  • Extract data from Receipt

Let's check how it works.

Direct Actions in Zapier

In Zapier our direction actions are available as events. Let's set up a simple example of extracting data from Purchase Orders that arrive in Gmail.

Creating a Zap is quite easy in this case:

  1. Choose Gmail as the first app.

  2. Then choose Bitskout as a second one.

3. Then choose a Gmail trigger - New Attachment.

4. And then you can choose immediately the Extract Data from Purchase Orders action.

4. Press Try It and the zap will be ready. All that is left is to do is to set up the accounts.

Here is a short video overview:

Direct Actions in Microsoft Power Automate

Microsoft Power Automate direct actions from Bitskout work in a similar manner.

Let's configure a sample flow:

  1. First, let's choose an Automated Cloud Flow

2. Let's provide a flow name and the choose New Email from Outlook as a trigger:

3. Next step is to add a Get Attachment action to get all the attachments.

4. Once you configured the Get Attachment module, the next step is to choose Bitskout as the next action. And from there you will already see the available direct actions:

5. Once you provide the correct file, the module will be ready to extract data from purchase orders.

Here is a short video:


Now with direct actions, we've eliminated a few extra clicks. Hopefully, you can automate your back-office tasks much faster and focus on something meaningful.

No matter what you do and what industry you are from, wasting time on manual data entry is no longer an option. You have many options to automate almost anything at the back office. And hopefully with the above examples we managed to show you that it is really that easy.

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