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Book a Bitskout Demo

Thank you for your interest in Bitskout. I am excited to learn about your challenge.


Typically our first 30-minute demo call goes like this:

  • We get to know each other

  • We discuss a specific challenge that you are looking to solve if any

  • I show you how certain features in Bitskout can help you and how they will work in your particular setting

  • If Bitskout is a fit, we discuss the next steps

  • If Bitskout is not a fit, I will try to advise you on the best next step forward

“We use Bitskout in our daily workflow and rely on extracted values and automations. It is easy to use, powerful and saves us a lot of time. We have got better things to do ;)"

Stian Osmundsen, Managing Director

Hop on a short Bitskout tour - create a plugin for a custom document!
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